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Covid Policies


WHAT are you doing to keep students safe during COVID?

In addition to potocols we've put in place to socially distance our students and staff, Elite Dance has recently installed CASPR units. Caspr stands for Continuous Air & Surface Pathogen Reduction. The CASPR Pro units are 99.96% effective against bacteria, viruses, molds, and even reduces VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and odors. CASPR Pro units are designed to kill the most harmful airborn and surface viruses and bacteria of our present day - including COVID 19.

Connected to the existing air conditioning system, CASPR works on a continual 24/7 basis, generating oxidizing molecules continuously at safe low levels. It takes the air and water molecules naturally produced by the AC system, and, through an organic process called photocatalysis, converts them into oxidizing molecules (hydrogen peroxide). These oxidizing molecules then seek out molds, fungus, bacteria, and viruses, destroying them at the cellular level. You can feel secure that along with daily cleaning, hand washing and other requirements, Elite Dance is taking every precaution to ensure the health and safety of all students, parents, faculty, and staff, not only during the pandemic, but also continuously through the school year.


have regularly scheduled classes been affected?

Many classes have been altered to comply with occupancy limitations and social distancing mandates from the state. Additionally, most combo and level 1 classes have been shortened by 15 minutes to accommodate special studio drop off and pick up procedures. Please note: Classes ranging from 45 minutes to 1 hour will be billed at the same rate.


CAN I COME INTO THE LOBBY DURING COVID or do i have to drop off and pick up only?

This depends upon the Phase that Louisiana is in and specific state mandates issued from the Governor. In general, until the pandemic is declared over, we have now instituted a drop off and pick up policy. The lobby is closed for viewing classes at this time. However, for students 5 and under, one parent may accompany her child to their classroom. (Additionally, parents who have questions may visit the front desk.) Parents dropping off must socially distance in the lobby. Should masks be required by state mandate, clear signage will be visible. Please note: Because of the fluidity of the situation, lobby access is subject to change at any point.


am i required to contact the studio if my dancer may have been exposed to covid-19?

No. You are not required to contact the studio unless your student has TESTED POSITIVE for Covid-19. If you suspect that you student may have been exposed to Covid-19, but has not been tested, please follow the CDC's self-quarantine guidelines and stay home for at least ten day. Additionally, if your student is exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19, please stay home for at least ten days.


what happens if a student testS positive for covid-19?

For Elite Dance to take preventative action, the parent of the infected student must first contact Elite Dance. Once Elite is notified of a student's positive test, the class(es) in which the student is registered will immediately be switched to ZOOM for a two-week period in order to keep other student's safe and comply with quarantine guidance from the CDC. Student's in the class will be notified via email.



Should state or local government implement a shutdown that prevents in-person classes, Elite Dance will immediately switch to virtual classes. However, if we are unable to hold either virtual or in-person classes, any fees paid will remain as a credit on your account for future use  Additionally, should you choose to withdraw because of state mandates, restrictions, or Elite Dance Covid related policies (ex: virtual class implementation), no refunds will be given. The withdrawal process will be handled in accordance with the Elite Dance withdrawal policies found on our website. 


my dancer doesn't like zoom or the online class format. if a student tests positive in class for covid-19 and we have to switch to zoom or online distance learning for two weeks, can i get a refund for those two week of classes?

No. For the continuity, routine, and normality of our student base, Elite Dance will continue delivering our product online when we are not able to offer it in studio. Our goal is to navigate through the pandemic, not shut down every time there is a possible threat.



what happens if a dancer's immediate family member tests positive for covid-19?

If an immediate family member (parent, sibling, person living in the same house as the dancer, etc.) tests positive for Covid-19, please follow the CDCs self-quarantine guidelines and stay home for at least ten days.