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Dance Classes Section


Jammin' Juniors

Ages 10 - 13 years


Your junior dancer will have a great time jammin' out to cool music and fun choreography in our Jammin' Juniors Program!


Your Jammin' Juniors Program at a glance:


    * Jazz

    Jazz is a great structured discipline of dance that utilizes a ballet base. Jazz is a super fun stage form of dance that can be seen in Disney movies like High School Musical or in local dance teams. Classes involve a warm up, stretching, and dance combinations. Class duration is 45 minutes.

    * Hip Hop

    Hip Hop is a high energy street style of dance. Hip Hop dance can be seen in TV shows like Disney's Shake It Up and Austin & Ally, as well as videos from Beyonce or Usher. Classes involve a warmup, across the floor combinations, and center floor dance combinations. Class duration is 45 minutes.

    * Lyrical

    Lyrical class is a fusion of ballet and jazz techniques using motion to express emotion and tell a story. Classes involve a warmup, across the floor combinations, and center floor combinations. Class duration is 60 minutes.

    * Ballet

    Ballet class is the basis of Jazz and Lyrical dance. In this class students work on grace, placement, and precision in movement to attain technical ability. Ballet class begins at the ballet barre for placement and stretch, moves to the center floor, and ends with combinations across the floor. Class duration is 60 minutes.

    * Jumps & Turns

    Gravity defying leaps and whirling turns starts with Jumps & Turns 1! Dancers learn how to apply and execute technique in various exciting turns and big jumps across the floor. Jumps & Turns class gives those interested in making local dance teams the tools to do so. Class duration is 45 minutes.

    * Tap for Beginners and Intermediates

    Tap is best described as sound producing, syncopated, rhythmic steps in motion. We teach traditional tap in the order of Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire. Class duration is 45 minutes.

    * Gym 2 for Beginners & Intermediates

    A great non-recital class to help build balance, strength, flexibility, and FUN! Students work on cartwheels, aerials, front and back handsprings, back tucks, just to name a few. Class duration is 45 minutes.

    * Stretch and Strength

    Stretch & Strength focuses on strengthening core muscles, improving flexibility, and developing strong dancers. Class duration is 45 minutes.

    * Combo Jazz / Tap 8-10's

    A great upbeat, fun combination jazz and tap class for those who like to move, shake, and syncopate! Incorporates lines, grace and style, ballet and modern technique to express attitude.  This combination class is a great way for students to experience the best of two classes. Class duration is 60 minutes.

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